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           Quilters United in Learning Together – Schenectady 

                                               August 2007                      

             Meetings on First Thursdays at 7 PM (Doors open at 6:30)

             First Unitarian Society, Schenectady – 1221 Wendell Avenue















August is not the month when most people’s thoughts turn to quilting, wilting maybe, but not quilting.  However, a number of folks in Q.U.I.L.T.S. have been working already at making this a new and even better year for our guild.  (Every year’s better, isn’t it!)  Pat Terry has arranged for several workshops for the coming year and found a reliable place to hold them.  Lois Bena has undertaken her first issue of our quilting newsletter and mastered a new e-delivery system for it.  Kathie Hermance and I have had our first meeting about next year’s quilt show: a 14 month head start! 

          What we need is hands and heads: a set of hands that can join the guild board as the secretary, and heads coming up with ideas, all sorts of ideas.  New ideas for the quilt show, for challenges, for how we organize ourselves, whatever. 

          One idea that I want to bring to September’s meeting is Friendship Groups.  There are only three in our guild that I am aware of but I know that my group more than doubles my quilting pleasure.  First of all, it means that I have not just once a month to gather with others and talk quilting.  Secondly, the members are a wellspring of help: tying, pinning, problem solving.  Plus, when one of us learns a new technique we pass that on to the other members.  I intend to take some time at September’s meeting to encourage and enable guild members to find others who are interested in starting their own friendship group.  See you then! 

Anita Paul, President





When the cost of postage increased last May, Q.U.I.L.T.S. board members realized that our guild could save a significant amount of money by adopting a delivery policy used by so many other clubs and businesses, and they approved the decision to send our newsletter by email to everyone who has provided an email address.  Those with no email address will receive the newsletter by mail as before.  There are bound to be glitches, but I am confident that they can be worked out by communicating with me; I am committed to making sure you receive a newsletter, and are happy with it.  The most current newsletter will also be available on our website (  Thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience.  Lois



            September’s program opens our new year with the introduction of Marlous Carter, a local treasure of a quilter and designer.  Her “Don’t Be Afraid to Dream” presentation will take us through her growth as a quilter with dreams to be a quilt designer.


            Marlou started out 12 years ago creating original pieced borders for her counted cross-stitch projects, transforming them into unique wall hangings.  In 2005 and 2006, her patterns “Log Cabin Loco” and “Wander’n Roam” were top sellers at International Quilt Markets.  Since then, she has ventured into designing tote bags and working with fabric companies on quilts highlighting their products.  She represents Maywood Studio now, promoting some of their new lines of fabric.






Step #2 of the Mystery Quilt will also be available.  If you were not at the June meeting and didn’t receive Step 1, please ask for it at the September meeting.


Remember to bring…

·         Your hand-sewn name tag

·         “Show and Tell” project

·         quilts for Northeast kids

·         a friend or new member

·         “Fall leaf print” Fat Quarter- any color family


OCTOBER 4:  Kris Gregson Moss – Lecture and Trunk Show – “The Wanderings of a Fabric Artist”

            Kris looks at color, movement, shape, form and negative space differently from most quilters.  She examines the tiniest parts of nature from all directions and sometimes translates the vision into a three dimensional work of art or a curved abstraction of the object, and sometimes it is more realistic.

            The following is taken from the Fiber Revolution website:  Kris Gregson Moss looks at color, movement, shape, from, and negative space differently from most art quilters. She examines the tiniest parts of nature from all directions: the inside out and the outside in of a flower, for example. Sometimes her eye and sewing skills translate the vision into a three dimensional work of art, or a curved abstraction of the object, and sometimes the work is more realistic.

 Step # 3 of the Mystery Quilt will also be distributed


Also remember to bring…

·    Your hand-sewn name tag

·    “Show and Tell” projects

·    quilts for Northeast kids

·    a friend or new member 

·    Fat Quarter – red holiday print background with white holiday design.




We must meet the SECOND THURSDAY – U.Soc. NOT available November 1!


Our “Quilts from the Heart Project” is one of our longest-running charitable efforts.  It’s estimated that Q.U.I.L.T.S. donates about 100 quilts to Northeast Parent and Child Society each year.  Some members have a special design in mind for kid’s quilts that they just don’t seem to have the time to “get to.” This would be a great time to bring your “cut out” pieces to put together at this meeting, keeping in mind that Q.U.I.L.T.S. is more than a once-a-month-meeting of friendship and laughter.  We have a mission; there are children who need us, and who are grateful, even if we can’t see their smiles (and tears) when they choose the quilt that will be their own symbol that someone cares about them.


 If you don’t have your own “kit” prepared, there will be a few available, but we need your help, please! 


Please do some cutting, print out some instructions, put it all in a plastic bag and bring it to one of our fall meetings or to the November Sew-In.  The kids at Northeast will thank you!  (42 x 60 is a good size for small children and 54 x 72 is a good size for older kids)


We will need members to bring their sewing machines, a few irons and ironing boards. If you have a “friendship group,” perhaps two people could bring sewing machines and another member could bring an ironing board and iron.


There will be no Mystery Quilt Step distributed at this meeting in order to give you time to work on your first three steps.


Also remember to bring…

·    Your hand-sewn name tag

·    “Show and Tell” projects

·    quilts for Northeast kids

·    a friend or new member

·    Fat Quarter – green holiday print background with white holiday design



DECEMBER 6th: Annual Holiday Party

            Start the holiday season with your quilting friends at our annual holiday party. We’ll share finger desserts and beverages. Members with last names beginning A-L are each asked to bring a dessert to share.

            We will be collecting mittens and socks for the kids at Northeast Parent and Child, and also gifts for the women at the Women’s Shelter. These gifts do not have to be wrapped, but if you do, please note the contents on the outside of the package.  Personal grooming products would be appreciated by the ladies as well as other items of care and comfort.


            GET READY:  The next Mystery Quilt Step will be distributed in JANUARY.


Also remember to bring…

·    Your hand-sewn name tag

·    “Show and Tell” projects

·    Quilts for Northeast kids

·    Mittens, socks, and women’s Shelter gifts

·    A friend or new member

·   Fat Quarter – Non-holiday winter scene– any color background

We’d like to welcome guests and new members who joined us at the May 2007 meeting:

Pam Davis, Kathy Lutz, Jeanette Boehning, Tonie Wyckoff, Nancy Gifford, Nancy Finelli, Diane Jazeboski and Eileen McCabe.



            Peg Foley impressed us with her work at the March 2007 Q.U.I.L.T.S. meeting, and this fall, will be offering a workshop that will accommodate only 25 participants.  The workshop will be held at Eastern Parkway Methodist Church (on the corner of Eastern Parkway and Palmer Avenue.)  The cost of the workshop will be $25.oo, and the materials fee will be $15.oo


            Peg Foley is a fiber artist and art educator. She has three grown daughters and lives in Schenectady with her husband John. She teaches art full time at Schenectady High School and shows her artwork throughout the Northeast.  Peg spent fifteen years working as a metal smith and museum educator before turning to fiber arts as a medium for expression.  Her work draws from the quilt maker’s process of fragmenting, layering and restructuring, a process, which often mirrors life.  Much of her work reflects a struggle with perception of time as we move through space: how that perception is altered by the structures we operate within.


Fiber Collage Workshop, Finding Composition


            We will start off the workshop creating a palette of textured two-dimensional materials using mono-printing techniques and painting on a variety of papers and fabrics. While our palette dries you will be able to take a look at artist Peg Foley’s work in terms of the creative process, the principles of art and design, composition, and how one becomes inspired and goes about creating even when the creative juices seem not to be flowing.


            Workshop participants will then use a variety of collage techniques including fusing, sewing and gluing, along with the palette of materials to create a piece of artwork which we will frame and send home ready to hang.


            Participants may want to bring small, fairly flat artifacts to be included in their collage, such as, special lace, buttons, watch faces, interesting ribbon, braid, metal or plastic filigree, or special paper or stamps etc.


            Participants should bring scissors for cutting paper. All other supplies will be provided.


If you’d like to attend this workshop, please call Pat Terry (372-8431) as soon as possible to reserve your place in class.




In addition to our monthly meetings, a few groups meet for a chance to sew and chat and share their work:


The KNV’s are putting the finishing touches on the row robin challenge they undertook this past spring and plan on showing off their finished quilts during an upcoming fall meeting.  Next up – the group has challenged themselves to Simple Sampler Quilt, a pattern by Debbie Beaves for Connecting Threads.  They expect to have these quilts ready for show and tell at an early Spring 2008 meeting.


Ø      The Urban Myth group enjoyed the “strip” quilts they all added to each month, and donated to Northeast when they reached a good size.  They also enjoy sharing the making of blocks for one member’s quilt and each contributing a block for a raffle, like we do with fat quarters.  Sometimes a pattern or technique is demonstrated.


Ø      Another friendship group meets once per month for an evening of handwork and laughter, usually without specific projects on the agenda.  Sometimes they do work on guild projects such as preparing fabrics to sell at the quilt show guild booth or tying quilts for northeast.  Of course every meeting includes two very important parts – “show and tell” and dessert!

A Few Words About Fat Quarters:


Q.U.I.L.T.S. - 2007 Monthly Fat Quarters -  Take A Chance and Participate"


You bring a "Fat Quarter" for the Basket - and enter your name - one name is drawn each month and that "Lucky Lady" wins all of the Fat Quarters in the Basket.  Give a little and receive a lot..  Our selections are as follows for the following months:


September                 Leaf prints - any color family

October                      Holiday Red Print Background with White Holiday Design

November                 Green Holiday Print Background with White Holiday Design

December                  NON-Holiday Winter Scenes - any color background.


Thank you for participating.  If there are questions:  Please call:

    Orpha Schoener   383-2723  or Betty Betz  371-3244


OUR CURRENT OFFICERS:                                                                                         

President – Anita Paul                        374-2166

V.P. – Kathy Hermance                      355-2185

Secretary –

Treasurer – Leda Kim                         355-9213

Web Master – Mary McNamara          377-4580

Program – Pat Terry                           372-8431

                  Elaine McCain                   383-3337

                  Bobbi Paulus                     785-9786        

Membership – Kathy Wagner             356-2452

                    --Virginia McGarry           346-3840

Newsletter – Lois Bena                       399-0486

Library – Jeannie Cleveland                381-6519

                Natalie McDonough 382-0169        

Goodie Basket – Linda Storz              383-7813        

Fat Quarters – Orpha Schoener        383-2723

                         Betty Betz                  371-3244

Block of Month – Mary Lang                452-4376                    

                        --Nina Whitney            356-0479

                         --Susan Mezera         695-6119

Historian – Lynn Makrin                       596-6559

Hospitality – Bobbi Paulus                  785-9786




If you have not yet signed up to be a member of this year’s Q.U.I.L.T.S. you can send your membership fee to Kathy Wagner, 180 Dahlia St., Schenectady, NY 12306, or Virginia McGarry, 1450 Belmont Ave., Schenectady, NY 12309. The fee is $25.00 for the year.


NAME ________________________________________________________________


ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________


PHONE ____________________________  E-MAIL ___________________________ 

Please include this slip with your check




On September 6th we will be starting a new cooperative effort to make easy quilt tops for the Northeast quilt donations. Each month participants will be asked to add one strip to one quilt-top-in-progress. To start we are asking for volunteers to bring a strip of fabric to the September meeting, an 8” to 12” section cut across the full width of the fabric.  Your strip will then be passed on to another participant while you take home a new piece to work with.  Your total commitment to this project will be to add ONE pieced or plain strip to a quilt top each month.  Details will be explained, and questions answered, at the September meeting.  Don’t forget to bring your fabric strip to get started!



QUILTS NORTH would like to share their program information with our guild.  Schedule for the year:


September - Kris Driessen - 9/10 lecture "This is Your Life"& 9/22 workshop "No Whinning Quilt"

October-Elizabeth Rosenberg,10/1 Lecture "The Flowing Line,"10/2 workshop " Goddess in the Garden"

November - Jan Mullen 11/5 wks "Magic Ballz" 11/5 lecture & trunk show 11/6 wksp "Reversible Applique"

January - Lori Lupe Pelish 1/7 lecture

February - Carol Soderlund 2/3 lecture "Concoting Color" 2/5 workshop "Stamp it Out" & 2/6 "A Day of Surface Design",Pam Davis (Membership) "Charm Quilts"

March - Leslie Armando 3/3 lecture, Billie Lauder 3/21-23 workshops

April  - Trish Stuart 4/7 lecture, 4/8 workshop, Sue Vial (Membership)workshop "Fabric Postcards"

May - Nancy Mahoney 5/6 lecture 5/7 workshop (to be named) - Sue Schoch (Membership) NY Beauties.


Mary Albers, program report




QUILTS Newsletter

2007-2008 Issue 1: August


Lois Bena

P.O. Box 55

Alplaus NY 12008