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           Quilters United in Learning Together – Schenectady 

                                               March 2008                      

             Meetings on First Thursdays at 7 PM (Doors open at 6:30)

             First Unitarian Society, Schenectady – 1221 Wendell Avenue














Dear Ones  --  I was hoping that I could report to you about decisions made at February's QUILTS board meeting, but we've rescheduled twice because of snow/freezing rain/sleet and the forecast for the next date looks iffy, too.  Ah, well, we are all looking forward to warmer weather I know.


It occurred to me as I was zooming around the internet looking for a pattern I wanted to try and then the fabric for it that we need to find a way to share with each other websites we've found particularly useful.  My favorite site for free patterns is Marcia's Hohn's at  She even has nice music to listen to while you peruse her long list of patterns.


For fabric my favorite is because you can type in what kind of fabric you're looking for, such as 'peace doves', or 'indigo civil war'.  You then get an extensive list with the shops that have what you want with thumbnail pictures of each fabric that can be enlarged for closer examination.  If you are doing a frog or clock quilt, for instance, this is the place to start.  I also like to look through the many fabrics on  That is a single shop, but that means they also have a section of sale fabrics any time you go to that site. 


All that said, there is nothing as fine as going to one of our local quilt shops: Flying Geese, Joyful Quilter, Log Cabin, and Quilt Bug.  I would guess that you, like me, feel the desire to touch the fabric, to caress it between thumb and fingers, to carry one bolt and hold it against another to evaluate color and pattern.   When I see someone standing in front of a shelf of fabric with that long thoughtful look I can't help but ask what they are working on.  I met a woman who makes clothes for 18'' dolls that are sold at Mount Vernon, and a man who was attempting to repair a favorite quilt.  I always invite them to visit our guild meetings; I hope you invite folks, too.


Anita Paul, President



         Welcome to new and returning members: 


Sandy Torriani, Elaine Frederick, and Gail George







Linda is from Warrensburg, New York and is an author, teacher and designer of quilts and fiber art.  Teaching since 1975, she has served as a contributing editor for “Quilt” Magazine and has authored four books.  Her pattern line is carried by Keepsake Quilting, and she teaches at Flying Geese Fabrics in Colonie.  She was also chosen as featured quilter for the 2007 Bennington Quilt Fest.  Her topic will be “Stripping in Public,” which will include patterns and shortcut techniques to get the most from your patchwork efforts.  Spiral patchwork, quilt and garment designs will be revealed in this step-by step lecture.


Also remember to bring…

·    Your hand-sewn name tag

·    Quilt for Soldier project

·    Your “Strip Quilt” with a new strip or borders, if already the right size

·    Fat Quarter – Pastels for Summer

·    Show and Tell projects

·    Quilts for Northeast kids

·    A friend or new member





Kris is from Esperance, New York, and owns the Quiltbug Quilt Shop.  She is a teacher, quilt historian, author, researcher and lecturer.  She has written several articles for quilt magazines and has designed a line of patterns.  When she conducts workshops, she encourages participation and discussion.  Her antique quilts have been on exhibit at several major shows.  She is also known for her quilt shop on wheels, called the “Quilt Bus.”  Kris will speak on “The Dating Game.”  She will discuss guidelines to dating quilts by their design, fabrics, colors, patterns and techniques.  Members can bring quilts or quilt blocks to determine their origin and age.


            Remember to Bring:

·    Your hand-sewn name tag

·    Quilt for Soldier project

·    Show and Tell projects

·    Quilts for Northeast kids

·    A friend or new member

·    Text Box:  Your “Strip Quilt” with a new strip or borders, if already the right size

·    “America the Beautiful” fat quarter




We will celebrate our last meeting of the season together with our wonderful pot luck supper.  Please arrive by 6 pm with your food offerings and place settings.  The “Show and Tell” for the Mystery Quilts, Baby Quilt Challenge, and raffle drawings will be enjoyed after                          dinner.


Last names beginning with A-H…… please bring dessert            

                                                   I-P……. please bring salad

                                                  Q-Z ….. please bring main dish


Remember to bring…

·    A food for the dinner

·    Plate and silverware

·    Your hand-sewn name tag

·    “Show and Tell” projects

·    Your “Mystery” Quilt

·    The “Strip Quilt” project

·    Your “Baby” Challenge Quilt

·    Quilts for soldiers

·    Quilts for Northeast kids

·    “Think Vacation” fat 1/4

Meeting Laura


If you have ever wondered if it was worth your time to make quilts for the kids in the Northeast Parent and Child organization, my story of surprise and delight may settle the question for all time.


I joined Q.U.I.L.T.S. in September 2002, after surviving a year-long treatment of breast cancer.  I had previously devoted most of my free time to photography, most sports oriented, and followed my husband’s wrestling team like a groupie, making yearly scrapbooks with photos of his teams in action.  In addition, I wrote an annual “Who’s Who in Wrestling,” featuring several hundred biographies of outstanding athletes in area schools.  Coaching was my husband’s joy in life, and it was a privilege to be closely involved with him and his career.


However, my experience with cancer made me ask myself some questions that I’m sure others in my position have asked, like “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”  After treatment was completed, I made some new choices.  I saw some quilts my sister Susan had made, and my love of sewing came alive again and sparked an interest in my long-abandoned hobby.  I had completed only one project in about 30 years.  It was a quilt I made for my daughter, using scraps of fabrics used for clothing I had made for her during her early years.


Inspired by Susan, I decided to make a quilt for a newly adopted grandson, to welcome him to our family.  A friend (Pat Terry) saw the quilt and encouraged me to visit her quilt guild to show the quilt and tell its story.  The group was gracious and inviting, and when I learned that its members faithfully made and donated quilts to Northeast, I was moved to join this group “with a purpose.”  At one of the monthly meetings, I won the “Block-of-the-Month” Bow Tie blocks, and I re-arranged some of the blocks to make a border around the regular square blocks, and sashed everything with a bright red color, and donated the quilt to Northeast.  Of course, I never expected to see the quilt again, but hoped one of the children would like it.


Before our November 07 meeting, I was told that Kathy Wagner had invited a neighbor, Kate, to come to our meeting because Kate had adopted a daughter through the Northeast organization, and her daughter, Laura, had received a quilt she wanted to show us.  When it was time for her to speak, Laura came to the front of the room holding her quilt.  She is a beautiful girl with a happy manner and sparkling eyes, and she told us how much her quilt has meant to her.  She said it goes everywhere with her, even on vacations.  She said she is never without it, and then she held it up for us to see.  It was hard for me to see it because the tears just wouldn’t stop.  It was the Bow-Tie quilt I had so much fun making years ago.  It was a special moment in time, and it included a hug from Laura.


We had a chance to talk later, and a photo was taken of the two of us with the quilt.   Laura will graduate from high school in 2009, and you can be sure of one item that will be in her suitcase when she goes off to college.




 Lois Bena




The board of Q.U.I.L.T.S. has approved members-only advertising, maximum space is 2 lines.

First ad – Bernina 150, Quilter model, Free beginner lessons @ Gloversville, $950 Lois 399-0486.




When we are working on a project for our Q.U.I.L.T.S. Guild, and we have made purchases for a project or an event like the Quilt Show, new tax laws indicate that we MUST now use the following voucher format in order to be reimbursed.  You may print or make copies of this page to submit to our treasurer, Leda Kim. 




___________________                   ____________________

Payable To                                                      Attn



__________________________                    __________________________

Address                                                          Date Payment Required (allow 5 days)



City, State, Zip                                       A copy of a bill, statement, receipt or other

                                                                 document substantiating the expense must be

                                                                 attached in order for a payment to be made.


__Show Expense


__Operating Expense                                  $___________________________

                                                                        Amount of Payment




Reason for Payment and Description of Expense (Must be completed)





Check Disposition


Mail Check to:  _______________________






_________________                          ________

Requestor                                          Date


Treasurer’s Use _________________________________________________________




Ladies, We have 80% of the 2008 quilt show planning committee positions filled but we still need to get the remaining chair positions filled as soon as possible.  These positions are:  Show Catalog Design/Layout, Quilt Rack Transportation, Admissions/Membership/Raffle Ticket Tables, and “Odds & Ends”.  And we may need additional help with Hospitality and Signage too.  The “job” descriptions are also attached to the email along with this newsletter so check them out and see if there’s a position that’s right for you.  If you have any interest in being a part of the planning for Autumn Inspirations 2008, please let me know.  – Kathy Hermance



Show Account


Beginning Bal  9/07                         $1481.03


Deposit from Op Acct                       1000


Expenses                                             1500                Proctors 

                                                                          97.91                  Misc Show Exp


Ending Bal 2/08                                $ 883.12



Operating Account


Beginning Bal 9/07                          $8910


Rent                                                      900


Insurance                                             928.58


Trsfer to Show for Proctors             1000


Speakers/Seminars                            1218.20


Newsletter                                               26.39


Historian                                                  35.60


Misc                                                       160.96


Income (from membership                2014


   And seminars)


Ending Bal 2/08                                $6653.87



































































































































































































































Do You Know The History of Q.U.I.L.T.S.?


In 2007, our quilt guild actually turned 25 years old while we weren’t looking!  The next issue of our Newsletter (August 2008) will feature the first of a three-part series that documents the birth of Q.U.I.L.T.S. according to its earliest members, and tells the story of how our connection to Northeast Parent and Child began.






APRIL         Summer Pastels

MAY            America The Beautiful

JUNE           “Think Vacation”


OTHER GUILDS:  If you’d like to see what is being scheduled for some neighboring guilds, here are two websites:


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Remember our own website is printed in the Newsletter Heading





QUILTS Newsletter

2007-2008 Issue 3: November


Lois Bena

P.O. Box 55

Alplaus NY 12008